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'Marvellous Menopause': Reframing Menopause as A Gateway to Empowerment & Liberation

Menopause has long been shrouded in a depressing narrative of decline and loss within Western society, framed as the sunset of a woman's fertility and, even, her vitality. This view not only undermines the rich complexity of a woman's life journey but also overlooks the profound empowerment and liberation that can accompany this natural transition.

But does it have to be this way? And is menopause really this horrific time that we should all dread and approach with fear?

In her book 'Magnificent Midlife' Rachel Lancaster, talks about how age isn't feared in some cultures because people don't lose status or respect as they get older. In fact, aging is seen as liberating. A period when more time can be spent on the self and less time on duties and responsibilities.

What's more, in her book, 'In Becoming Fearless' Arianna Huffington argues that old age is honored and celebrated in Greece, and as a consequence, Menopause is not seen as a negative event at all.

And this is why, alongside my more traditional #menopauseawareness talks and workshops, I have created a new one called "Marvellous Menopause" here I advocate for a vital reframing of menopause: from a feared end to a celebrated beginning.

"Marvellous Menopause" is more than a workshop; it's a movement aimed at changing the narrative that society has crafted around menopause. Through these talks and workshops, I share insights and strategies on how viewing menopause as an exciting opportunity can significantly alter women's experiences of this life phase. This reframing is not just about seeing the glass half full; it's about recognising that the glass is refillable at every stage of life.

Menopause marks not the end but a powerful commencement. It is a time when the wisdom accrued through years converges with liberation from the reproductive cycle's demands. This phase offers women a unique freedom to pursue passions, ambitions, and ventures that may have been set aside for family or career obligations. "Marvellous Menopause" workshops illuminate this transition as a period ripe for self-discovery, creativity, and personal growth!

In these sessions, I emphasise that menopause is a stage where women often find a more potent voice. This newfound assertiveness is not merely a byproduct of hormonal changes but the culmination of years of experience, knowledge, and resilience. Women learn to navigate this transition, leveraging their seasoned perspectives to become leaders, innovators, and mentors who inspire change within their communities and beyond.

Moreover, "Marvellous Menopause" confronts the health challenges associated with this transition, not as insurmountable obstacles but as gateways to greater self-care and wellness. By adopting proactive health strategies, women can transform their well-being, ensuring they not only live longer but also enjoy a vibrant quality of life.

The workshops foster a community of support, encouraging deepening relationships and the expansion of social networks. Menopause, as we discuss, is an opportunity for new friendships, adventures, and the exploration of uncharted territories, both internally and externally.

By integrating the "Marvellous Menopause" initiative into the conversation, we advocate for a shift from viewing menopause as a time of loss to celebrating it as a period of gain and growth. It's an invitation to society to recognise the invaluable contributions of menopausal women and to redefine menopause as a magnificent midlife renaissance.

The mission of "Marvellous Menopause" is clear: to empower women to embrace this natural life transition positively and to inspire a societal shift in how menopause is perceived. It's time to view #menopause not as an ending but as a beginning, rich with potential for empowerment, liberation, and fulfillment.

If you'd like to book a #marvelousmenopause talk or workshop then please do get in touch

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