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I've Worked with Women from the Following Organisations:

I Work With 3 Types of Client:

Novice Navigators:

Clients who are just beginning their journey into Women's Wellbeing.

For these clients I recommend starting with my AWARENESS TALKS to give a good foundation upon which to build.

Foundational Explorers: 

Clients who have initiated foundational work and are actively advancing in their women's wellness programs.

For these clients I recommend my WORKSHOPS.

Transformation Trailblazers:

Clients with established and mature wellness programs in place, demonstrating a commitment to sustained well-being initiatives.

For these clients I recommend my COACHING.

If your organisation is wanting to:

Reduce churn


Cut down on absenteeism


Help your employees feel supported and 'seen'


Ensure your female employees feel confident, happy and important to your organisation


Motivate them to continue on the career path you have in mind for them


Make sure they continue to perform at their very best


Become a bench mark organisation in terms of how you treat female employees


Cultivate a culture of inclusion and diversity

Let me help you!

I create bespoke packages for each organisation and employee to ensure that you both get the results that you need.

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